​Let us help you to truly track your health status

Youth Meter is a biological age analytic device. Our designed program also provides advice about nutrition and lifestyle recommendation .

Biological age analysis device 

Affordable price to know health status

What is the biological age ?

Biological age is a simple health index to indicate overall health status. If you really know your biological age, then you can manage it and adapt your lifestyle to maintain your health in the normal range, i.e. biological age is not too high from the birth age

The better way to follow your biological age with Youth Meter 

Biological Age analytics

Affordable price and easy to use test strip to detect youth hormone and reporting as a biological age

Nutrition and lifestyle recommendation

Persuasive technology in our application for lifestyle adjustment holds the key into permanent behavior change

Our team

Rina lab member

Our research group focuses on developing innovative health bionanosensors on several platforms. We also work with the Thailand Research Fund as a project manager for Ma-Nee Project. It is first of a kind integrated health monitoring system of people in the village, nursing home, or local hospital using IoT, robots, health sensors, and telemedicine.

Silicon Craft Technology

​SIC offers novel, custom, and standard design microchips for RFID applications and delivers products that carry high-value added features and superior overall systems performance.

Youth Meter CEO & Co-founder

Youth Meter CEO & Co-founder, Dr. Rina Patramanon, stated the importance of the technology her team invented to create awareness of health issue risen from rapid urbanization. She was Thailand finalist for ASEAN-U.S. Science Prize for Women in 2017.

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